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1876 – Cannon Street Hotel – Worshipful Company of Carpenters

Date: 1876

Theatre: Cannon Street Hotel

Performance: Selection of Vocal Music on behalf ofThe Worshipful Company of Carpenters

Performers: Mr Lester, Mr Coates, Mr Thornton, Mr Hilton

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Love Theatre Programme, 1897, Barricade, Dukes Theatre, Theatre Memorabilia
1878 – Duke’s Theatre – Barricade

Date: 1878

Theatre: Duke’s Theatre

Performance: Barricade

Main Actors: Mr. Clarence Holt, Miss May Holt, Mr Jones Finch, Miss Rose Dale

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1878 - Royal Strand - Peace & Quiet
1878 – Royal Strand – Peace & Quiet

Date: 1878

Theatre: Strand

Performance: Peace and Quiet / Love or Money

Main Actor: Mr George Honey

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1889 THE PROFLIGATE Garrick Theatre 3791880 (1)
1889 – Garrick Theatre – The Profligate

Date: 1889

Theatre: The Garrick

Performance: The Profligate

Main Actors: John Hare, Forbes Robertson, Lewis Waller, Mrs Gaston Murray, Kate Rorke


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1890 Comedy Theatre, Jane
1890 – The Comedy Theatre – Jane

Date: 1890

Theatre: The Comedy Theatre

Performance: Jane

Main Actors: C H Hawtrey, H Kemble, C Brookfield, Miss Lottie Venne, Miss Ethel Matthews

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1892 - Royal Strand Theatre - Niobe
1892 – Royal Strand Theatre – Niobe

Date: 1892

Theatre: Royal Strand Theatre

Performance: Niobe (All Smiles) plus No Credit

Main Actors: Harry Paulton, Forbes Dawson, Herbert Ross, George Hawtrey, Carlotta Zerbini, Georgie Esmond, Eleanor May, Venie Bennett.

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1894 - Daly's Theatre - A Gaiety Girl
1894 – Daly’s Theatre – A Gaiety Girl

Date: 1894/95

Theatre: Daly’s Theatre

Performance: A Gaiety Girl

Main Actors: Mr C. Hayden Coffin, George Grossmith Jnr, Mr Eric Lewis, Ltty Lind, Kate Cutler, Marie Studholme, Ethel Sidney, Kate Hodson, Alice Davis, Constance Collier, Kitty Adams, Nina Martino.

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1894 Twelfth Night Daly's Theatre
1894 – Daly’s Theatre – Twelfth Night

Date: 1894

Theatre: Daly’s Theatre, Leicester Square

Performance: Twelfth Night

Main Actors: John Craig, Sidney Herbert, Miss Violet Vanbrugh, Miss Ada Rehan

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1894 – Gaiety Theatre – The Shop Girl

Date: 1894

Theatre: Gaiety

Performance: The Shop-Girl

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Theatre Programmes, Love Theatre Programmes, 1895, Etablissement, Ronacher
1895 – Etablissement Ronacher – Variety

Date: 1895
Theatre: Etablissement Ronacher
Performance: Variety
Actor/s: Ferdinand Grunecker, Edmund Blum, Marietta Jolly

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Theatre Programmes, Love Theatre Programmes,1895, Trafalgar Theatre ,Go Bang,
1895 – Trafalgar Square – Go Bang

Date: 1895

Theatre: Trafalgar Square Theatre

Performance: Go-Bang

Main Actors: Harry Grattan, Arthur Playfair, George Grossmith, Miss Jessie Bond, Miss Agnes Hewitt

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1897 Globe Theatre Miss Francis of Yale
1897 – Globe Theatre – Miss Francis of Yale

Date: 1897

Theatre: Globe Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue

Performance: Miss Francis of Yale

Main Actors: Weedon Grossmith, Harry Reeves-Smith.

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