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1883 – Theatre Royal Haymarket – Caste

Date: 1883

Theatre: Theatre Royal, Haymarket

Performance: Caste

Main Actors: H.B.Conway, Mr Bancroft, Mrs Sterling, Mrs Bancroft

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1887 Avenue Theatre Robinson Crusoe
1887 – The Avenue Theatre – Robinson Crusoe

Date: 1887

Theatre: The Avenue Theatre

Performance: Robinson Crusoe

Main Actors: Arthur Roberts, C W Bradbury, Charles Sutton, Mrs Mackintosh, Miss Phyllis Broughton

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1888- Londesborough Theatre, Scarborough – Miss Esmeralda

Date: 1888

Theatre: Londesborough, Scarborough

Performance: Miss Esmeralda

Main Actors: E.J. Lonnen, George Stone, Charles Ross, Miss Florence Dysart, Miss Ada Blanche

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1889 – Royal Court – A Royal Family

Date: 1889

Theatre: Royal Court Theatre

Performance: A Royal Family

Main Actors: Eric Lewis, James Erskine, George Bellamy, Mrs Charles Calvert, Ada Branson, Gertrude Elliot

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1894 LEAH Prince's Theatre, Bristol
1894 – Prince’s Theatre, Bristol – Leah
Date: 1894
Theatre: Prince’s Theatre, Bristol
Performance: Leah
Main Actors: Isabel Bateman
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Theatre Programmes, Love Theatre Programmes,1895, Trafalgar Theatre ,Go Bang,
1895 – Trafalgar Square – Go Bang

Date: 1895

Theatre: Trafalgar Square Theatre

Performance: Go-Bang

Main Actors: Harry Grattan, Arthur Playfair, George Grossmith, Miss Jessie Bond, Miss Agnes Hewitt

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1897 - St James’s Theatre - The Tree of Knowledge
1897 – St James’s Theatre – The Tree of Knowledge

Date: 1897

Theatre: St James’s Theatre

Performance: The Tree of Knowledge

Actor/s: Mr George Alexander, Mr W. H. Vernon, Mr Fred Terry, Mr H. B. Irving, Miss Carlotta Addison, Miss Fay Davis, Miss Julia Neilson

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1900 – Wyndham’s Theatre – Mrs Dane’s Defence

Date: 1900

Theatre: Wyndham’s

Performance: Mrs Dane’s Defence

Main Actors: Charles Wymondham, Lena Ashwell, Mary Moore.

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1901 – Theatre Metropole – La Cigale

Date: 1901

Theatre: Theatre Metropole, Camberwell, London

Performance: La Cigale

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1902 Théâtre Sarah Bernhardt
1902 – Théâtre Sarah Bernhardt – Théroigne de Méricourt

Date: 1902

Theatre:  Théâtre Sarah Bernhardt

Performance: Théroigne de Méricourt

Main Performers: Sarah Bernhardt

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1903 His Majesty's Theatre, King Richard II, Shakespeare
1903 – His Majesty’s Theatre – King Richard II

Date: 1903

Theatre: His Majesty’s Theatre

Performance: King Richard II

Main Actors: Herbert Beerbohm Tree, Oscar Asche, Lily Brayton

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1903 His Majesty's Theatre Mr Herbert Beerbohm Tree
1903 – His Majesty’s Theatre – Tolstoy’s ‘Resurrection’

Date: 1903

Theatre: His Majesty’s Theatre

Performance: Tolstoy’s Resurrection

Main Actors: Herbert Beerbohm Tree, Lena Ashwell

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