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1888 – Vaudeville Theatre – Joseph’s Sweetheart

Date: 1888

Theatre: Vaudeville

Performance: Joseph’s Sweetheart

Actor/s: H. B. Conway, William Rignold, Cyril Maude, Thomas Thorne, Kate Rorke, Nellie Vane

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1895 – Comedy Theatre – The Benefit of the Doubt

Date: 1895

Theatre: Comedy Theatre

Performance: The Benefit of the Doubt

Main Actors: Cyril Maude, Winifred Emery, Henrietta Lindley, Aubrey Fitzgerald, Rose LeClercq

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Love Theatre Programmes, Theatre programmes, 1897, A Marriage of convenience
1897 – Theatre Royal, Haymarket – A Marriage of Convenience

Date: 1897

Theatre: Theatre Royal, Haymarket.

Performance: A Marriage of convenience

Main Actors: Mr Frederick Harrison, Mr Cyril Maude, Mr Sydney Valentine, Miss Winifred Emery.

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1899 MANOEUVRES OF JANE Theatre Royal, Haymarket
1899 – The Manoeuvres of Jane – Theatre Royal, Haymarket

Date: 1899

Theatre: Theatre Royal Haymarket

Performance: The Manoeuvres of Jane

Main Actors: Mr Cyril Maude, Mr F.H. Tyler, Mr Sydney Valentine,

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1903 – Theatre Royal, Haymarket – The Clandestine Marriage

Date: 1903

Theatre: Theatre Royal, Haymarket

Performance: The Clandestine Marriage

Main Actors: Cyril Maud, Jessie Bateman, Beatrice Ferrar

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1907 – The Playhouse – Toddles

Date: 1907

Theatre: The Playhouse

Performance: Toddles

Main Actors: Cyril Maude, Miss Winifred Emery

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1910 – The Playhouse – Tantalising Tommy

Date: 1910

Theatre: The Playhouse

Performance: Tantalizing Tommy

Main Actors: Mr Cyril Maud, Kenneth Douglas

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Royal Command Performance
1911 – Theatre Royal Drury Lane – Money

Date: 1911

Theatre: Theatre Royal Drury Lane

Performance: Money

Main Actors: Mr Fred Terry, Sir John Hare, Cyril Maude, Sir Charles Wyndham, Sir Herbert Tree, Mr Arthur Bouchier, Mr George Alexander, Mr Laurence Irving, Mr Lewis Waller, Mr Charles Hawtrey, Mr Sydney Valentine, Mr Weedon Grossmith, Miss Winifred Emery, Miss Irene Vanbrugh.

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