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1894 – Gaiety Theatre – The Shop Girl

Date: 1894

Theatre: Gaiety

Performance: The Shop-Girl

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1895 THE SHOP GIRL Gaiety Theatre1895 THE SHOP GIRL Gaiety Theatre
1895 – Gaiety Theatre – The Shop Girl
Date: 1895
Theatre: Gaiety Theatre
Performance: The Shop Girl
Principal Actors: Mr. Seymour Hicks and Miss Ellaline Terriss lead an eminent cast.
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1902 QUALITY STREET Vaudeville Theatre
1902 – Vaudeville Theatre – Quality Street

Date: 1902

Theatre: Vaudeville Theatre

Performance: Quality Street

Main Actors: Mr Seymour Hicks, Mr A. Vane, Marion Terry, Ellaline Terriss

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1906 – Aldwych Theatre – The Beauty of Bath

Date: 1906

Theatre: Aldwych Theatre

Performance: The Beauty of Bath.

Main Actors: Seymour Hicks, Ellaline Terriss.

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1907 – The Hicks Theatre – Brewster’s Millions plus Dumb-Cake

Date: 1907

Theatre: The Hicks Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue.

Performance: Brewster’s Millions plus Dumb-Cake

Main Actors: Gerald du Maurier, Mollie Lowell.

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