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1891 Royalty Theatre, Ghosts
1891 – Royalty Theatre – Ghosts

Date: 1891

Theatre: Royalty Theatre

Performance: Ghosts

Main Actors: Theodore Wright, Frank Lindo, Leonard Outram, Sydney Howard, Edith Kenwood

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Royalty Theatre, Soho
1902 – Royalty Theatre – New Idol

Date: 1902

Theatre: The Royalty Theatre, Soho

Performance: The New Idol

Main Actors: Norman McKinnel

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1912 Royalty Theatre, Milestones
1912 – Royalty Theatre – Milestones

Date: 1912

Theatre: Royalty Theatre

Performance: Milestones

Main Actors: Dennis Eadie, Haidee Wright, Gladys Cooper.

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1923 – Royalty Theatre – At Mrs. Beam’s

Date: 1923

Theatre: Royalty Theatre, Dean Street, Shaftesbury Avenue

Performance: At Mrs. Beam’s

Main Actors: Jean Cadell, Fred O’Donovan, Margaret Watson, Frances Wetherall, Raymond Massey

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