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1883 FIRST IN THE FIELD Theatre Royal Haymarket
1883 – Theatre Royal, Haymarket – First in the Field – Fedora
Date: 1883
Theatre: Theatre Royal Haymarket
Performance: First in the Field/ Fedora
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1885 KATHARINE & PETRUCHIO Theatre Royal Haymarket
1885 – Theatre Royal Haymarket – Katharine and Petruchio
Date: 1885
Theatre: Theatre Royal, Haymarket
Performance: Katharine and Petruchio
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1885 – Theatre Royal Haymarket – Masks and Faces

Date: 1885

Theatre: Theatre Royal, Haymarket

Performance: Masks and Faces

Main Actors: Mr Forbes Robertson, Mr Barrymore, Mr Bancroft, Miss Kate Gratton, Mrs Bancroft

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1898 Theatre Royal Drury Lane, The Great Ruby
1898 – Theatre Royal Drury Lane – The Great Ruby

Date: 1898

Theatre: Theatre Royal Drury Lane

Performance: The Great Ruby

Main Actors: Mr. Robert Pateman, Miss Bella Pateman, Mrs John Wood.

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1899 Avenue Theatre The Cuckoo
1899 – The Cuckoo – Avenue Theatre

Date: 1899

Theatre: Avenue Theatre, London

Performance: The Cuckoo

Main Actors: Mr. Charles Hawtrey, Constance Collier, Fannie Ward

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1902 – Apollo Theatre – Three Little Maids

Date: 1902

Theatre: Apollo Theatre

Performance: Three Little Maids

Main Actors: Bertram Wallis, Edna May, Hilda Moody

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1906 Cinderella KINGS THEATRE
1906 – The King’s Theatre – Cinderella
Date: 1906
Theatre: The King’s Theatre, London
Performance: Cinderella
Main Actors : Miss Ethel Ward, Miss Hilda Guiver
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1912 Royalty Theatre, Milestones
1912 – Royalty Theatre – Milestones

Date: 1912

Theatre: Royalty Theatre

Performance: Milestones

Main Actors: Dennis Eadie, Haidee Wright, Gladys Cooper.

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1928, Theatre Dejazet, theatre programmes
1928 – J’aurai Lulu -Theatre Dejazet

Date: 1928

Theatre: Theatre Dejazet

Performance: J’aurai Lulu

Main Actors: Rene Worms, Albert Therval, Marchal, Sabine Landray, Alys Guy, Gabrielle Rosny

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1932 - Saville Theatre - Tell her the Truth
1932 – Saville Theatre – Tell Her the Truth

Date: 1932

Theatre: Saville Theatre

Performance: Tell Her the Truth

Main Actors: Bobby Howes, Polly Luce, Alfred Drayton, Jean Adrienne, Helen Gray, Winifred Izard, Henrietta Watson, Peter Haddon

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1935 REVUDEVILLE Windmill Theatre
1935 – Windmill Theatre – Revudeville No.55 – 3rd Anniversary
Date: 1935
Theatre: Windmill Theatre, Piccadilly, London
Performance: Revudeville No. 55, 3rd Anniversary
Main Performers: Variety Acts plus The Windmill Girls including Pat Ingram and Lucie Haywood
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1942 REVUDEVILLE 156th Ed Windmill
1942 – Windmill Theatre – Revudeville, 156th Edition

Date: 1942

Theatre: Windmill Theatre, London

Performance: Revudeville, 156th Edition

Main Performers: Variety plus the Windmill Girls

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