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1895 – Comedy Theatre – The Benefit of the Doubt

Date: 1895

Theatre: Comedy Theatre

Performance: The Benefit of the Doubt

Main Actors: Cyril Maude, Winifred Emery, Henrietta Lindley, Aubrey Fitzgerald, Rose LeClercq

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Love Theatre Programmes, Theatre programmes, 1897, A Marriage of convenience
1897 – Theatre Royal, Haymarket – A Marriage of Convenience

Date: 1897

Theatre: Theatre Royal, Haymarket.

Performance: A Marriage of convenience

Main Actors: Mr Frederick Harrison, Mr Cyril Maude, Mr Sydney Valentine, Miss Winifred Emery.

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1907 – The Playhouse – Toddles

Date: 1907

Theatre: The Playhouse

Performance: Toddles

Main Actors: Cyril Maude, Miss Winifred Emery

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