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1878 - Royal Strand Theatre - The Desperate Adventures of Baby
1878 – Royal Strand Theatre – The Desperate Adventures of Baby

Date: 14th December 1878 (First Night)

Theatre: Royal Strand

Performance: On and Off…followed by His Last Legs….Concluding with the ‘new magical extravaganza’ The Desperate Adventures of the Baby.

Main Actors: Mr. W. H. Vernon, Mons. Marius, Miss Lottie Venne.

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1878 – The Royal Strand – Family Ties & Dora and Diplunacy

Date: 1878

Theatre: The Royal Strand

Performance: Family Ties & Dora and Diplunacy

Main Actors: Mons. (Claude) Marius, Lotte Venne Miss Ada Swanborough

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1879 - Royal Strand - Madame Favart
1879 – Royal Strand – Madame Favart

Date: 1879

Theatre: Royal Strand Theatre

Performance: Madame Favart preceded by Ruth’s Romance

Main Actors: Mons. Marius, Florence St. John,

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1880 - Royal Strand Theatre -Olivette!
1880 – Royal Strand Theatre – Olivette!

Date: 1880

Theatre: Royal Strand

Performance: Olivette!

Main Actors: Mons. Marius, Mr. Knight Aston, Miss Florence St. John, Miss Violet Cameron

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1887, St James Hall, Silk Programme
1887 – St James Hall – Silk Programme

Date: 1887

Theatre: St James’s Hall, Lime Street

Performance: Our Bitterest Foe

Main Actors: Sir C. Metcalfe, E. Watkin, Mrs G.F. Preston

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1888 – Vaudeville Theatre – Joseph’s Sweetheart

Date: 1888

Theatre: Vaudeville

Performance: Joseph’s Sweetheart

Actor/s: H. B. Conway, William Rignold, Cyril Maude, Thomas Thorne, Kate Rorke, Nellie Vane

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1889 – Theatre Royal Haymarket – Merry Wives of Windsor

Date: 1889

Theatre: Theatre Royal Haymarket

Performance: Merry Wives of Windsor

Main Actors: Mr Tree, Mr Fuller Mellish, Mr Charles Dodsworth, Miss Alice Lingard, Mrs Tree.

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1895 – Comedy Theatre – The Benefit of the Doubt

Date: 1895

Theatre: Comedy Theatre

Performance: The Benefit of the Doubt

Main Actors: Cyril Maude, Winifred Emery, Henrietta Lindley, Aubrey Fitzgerald, Rose LeClercq

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1896 HENRY IV Grand Theatre Islington
1896 – Grand Theatre, Islington – Henry IV
Date: 1896
Theatre: Grand Theatre, Islington
Performance: Henry IV
Principal Actors: Mr. Herbert Beer-Bohm Tree, Gerald Du Maurier, Mrs. Tree.


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1897 – Theatre Royal, Haymarket – A Marriage of Convenience
Date: 1897
Theatre: Theatre Royal, Haymarket.
Performance: A Marriage of convenience
Main Actors: Mr Frederick Harrison, Mr Cyril Maude, Mr Sydney Valentine, Miss Winifred Emery.
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1897 THE LITTLE MINISTER Theatre Royal Haymarket (Charity)