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1890 A MAN'S SHADOW Theatre Royal Haymarket
1890 – Theatre Royal Haymarket – A Man’s Shadow

Date: 1890

Theatre: Theatre Royal Haymarket

Performance: A Man’s Shadow

Main Actors: H. Beerbohm Tree, Mr Fernandez, Mrs Maud Tree, Miss Julia Neilson

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1904 THE TEMPEST His Majesty's Theatre
1904 – His Majesty’s Theatre – The Tempest

Date: 1904

Theatre: His Majesty’s Theatre

Performance: The Tempest

Main Actors: Mr. Herbert Beerbohm-Tree, Mr. Lyn Harding, Mr. Basil Gill, Mr S.A. Cookson, Mr. Julian L’Estrange, Miss Nora Kerin.

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1909 – His Majesty’s Theatre – False Gods

Date: 1909

Theatre: His Majesty’s Theatre

Performance: False Gods

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1910 - His Majesty's Theatre - King Henry VIII
1910 – His Majesty’s Theatre – King Henry VIII
Date: 1910
Theatre: His Majesty’s Theatre
Performance: King Henry VIII
Main Actors: Herbert Tree, Arthur Bourchier, Henry Ainly, Miss Violet Vanbrugh

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