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1937 Stoll Theatre Windbag the Sailor
1937 – Stoll Theatre – Windbag the Sailor

Date: 1937

Theatre: Stoll Picture Theatre

Performance: Windbag the Sailor

Main Actors: Will Hay

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1943 – Stoll Theatre – Hi-Di-Hi

Date: 1943

Theatre: Stoll Theatre, Kingsway

Performance: Hi – Di – Hi

Main Actors: Bud Flanagan & Chesney Allen, Eddie Gray, Gwen Cateley, Florence Desmond.

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1946 ICE VOGUES Stoll Theatre
1946 – Stoll Theatre – Ice Vogues

Date: 1946

Theatre:  Stoll Theatre, Kingsway

Performance: Tom Arnold’s Ice Vogues

Main Actors: The Ice Vogues

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1949 Antonio and his Spanish Ballet, Stoll Theatre
1949 – Stoll Theatre – Antonio and his Spanish Ballet
Date: 1949
Theatre: Stoll Theatre, London
Performance: Antonio and his Spanish Ballet Company
Main performers: Antonio Ruiz Soler, Rosita Segovia, Flora Albaisin
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1954 – Stoll Theatre – Joan of Arc

Date: 1954

Theatre: Stoll Theatre

Performance: Joan of Arc at the Stake

Main Actors: Ingrid Bergman, Valentine Dyall.

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1956 – Stoll Theatre – A Midnight Commemoration Performance for Anna Pavlova
Date: 1956
Theatre: Stoll Theatre
Performance: Les Sylphides and various divertissement
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