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1894 - Daly's Theatre - A Gaiety Girl
1894 – Daly’s Theatre – A Gaiety Girl

Date: 1894/95

Theatre: Daly’s Theatre

Performance: A Gaiety Girl

Main Actors: Mr C. Hayden Coffin, George Grossmith Jnr, Mr Eric Lewis, Ltty Lind, Kate Cutler, Marie Studholme, Ethel Sidney, Kate Hodson, Alice Davis, Constance Collier, Kitty Adams, Nina Martino.

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1898 – Daly’s Theatre – The Geisha

Date: 1898

Theatre: Daly’s Theatre

Performance: The Geisha

Main Actors: Marie Tempest, Letty Lind, Mr. Huntley Wright

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1902 THE GIRL FOM KAY'S Apollo Theatre
1902 – Apollo Theatre – The Girl from Kay’s


Date 1902

Theatre: Apollo, Shaftesbury Avenue

Performance: The Girl from Kay’s

Main Actors: Kate Cutler, Letty Lind, Lottie Venne et al

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