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1879 Alexandra Theatre Les Cloches de Corneville Company
1879 – Alexandra Theatre – Les Cloches de Corneville Company

Date: 1879

Theatre: Alexandra Theatre, Liverpool

Performance: An Opera Comique by Les Cloches de Corneville Company

Main Actors: Miss Cora Stuart, Miss Kate Percival, M. Loredan, Mr. George Barrett

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1886 – SILK – London Pavillion – Music Hall / Circus / Variety


Theatre: London Pavillion

Performance: Variety / Circus / Music Hall

Main Performers: Will Atkins; Harry La Rose; Geo. Fairbourne; Peggy Pryde; Mr and Mrs Harry Watson; De Voy, Le Clerq & Co.; Sweeney and Ryland; Mdlle. Ida Ibrahim; Harry Randall; Paul Cinquevalli; Chas. Godfrey; Sisters Martens; Katsnosohin Awata & Madame Awata; Sa Redfern; Sohaffer Troupe; Miss Harriet Vernon; Mons. H. Wilden; G.W.Hunter; Professor Wingfield with his Performing Dogs.

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1927 – Palais de la jetee-promendade

Date: 1927

Theatre: Palais de la jetee-promendade, Nice

Performance: Betsy / Les Saltimbanques

Main Actors: M. Andrezy, M. Paul-Saint, Mlle Airaghi, Suzanne Petit, Mlle Lejeune, M. Autie, M. Espinosa

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1947 BLESS THE BRIDE Adelphi Theatre
1949 – Adelphi Theatre – Bless the Bride

Date: 1947

Theatre: Adelphi Theatre

Performance: Bless the Bride

Main Actors: Original London Cast including Lizbeth Webb, Betty Paul, Georges Guétary.

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1959 - New Theatre , The Rose Tattoo
1959 – New Theatre – The Rose Tattoo

Date: 1959

Theatre: New Theatre

Performance: The Rose Tatoo written by Tennessee Williams

Main Actors: Lea Padovani, Sam Wanamaker

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1974 BILLY Theatre Royal Drury Lane
1974 – Theatre Royal Drury Lane – Billy

Date: 1974

Theatre: Theatre Royal Drury Lane

Performance: Billy

Performers: Michael Crawford, Elaine Paige

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