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1886 – SILK – London Pavillion – Music Hall / Circus / Variety


Theatre: London Pavillion

Performance: Variety / Circus / Music Hall

Main Performers: Will Atkins; Harry La Rose; Geo. Fairbourne; Peggy Pryde; Mr and Mrs Harry Watson; De Voy, Le Clerq & Co.; Sweeney and Ryland; Mdlle. Ida Ibrahim; Harry Randall; Paul Cinquevalli; Chas. Godfrey; Sisters Martens; Katsnosohin Awata & Madame Awata; Sa Redfern; Sohaffer Troupe; Miss Harriet Vernon; Mons. H. Wilden; G.W.Hunter; Professor Wingfield with his Performing Dogs.

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1956 – Billy Smart’s Circus

Date: 1957

Theatre: Billy Smart’s Circus

Performance: Billy Smart’s Circus and Davy Crockett Western Spectacle.

Main Actors: Various circus performers.

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1963 , Bertram Mills, Circus
1963 – Bertram Mills Circus

Date: 18th December 1963

Venue: Addison Restaurant

Event: Official Luncheon

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