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1877 - Prince of Wales - Othello
1877 – Prince of Wales – Othello

Date: 1877

Theatre: Prince of Wales, Birmingham

Performance: Othello plus Beggar’s Petition

Main Actors: Mr. W.T.Bennett, Mr. G.W.Midgely, Mr H. A. Midgely, Mr. Frank Dinely, Miss Amy L. Russell.

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1886 – SILK – London Pavillion – Music Hall / Circus / Variety


Theatre: London Pavillion

Performance: Variety / Circus / Music Hall

Main Performers: Will Atkins; Harry La Rose; Geo. Fairbourne; Peggy Pryde; Mr and Mrs Harry Watson; De Voy, Le Clerq & Co.; Sweeney and Ryland; Mdlle. Ida Ibrahim; Harry Randall; Paul Cinquevalli; Chas. Godfrey; Sisters Martens; Katsnosohin Awata & Madame Awata; Sa Redfern; Sohaffer Troupe; Miss Harriet Vernon; Mons. H. Wilden; G.W.Hunter; Professor Wingfield with his Performing Dogs.

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1890 - Royal Princess's Theatre - Antony & Cleopatra
1890 – Royal Princess’s Theatre – Antony & Cleopatra

Date: 1890

Theatre: Royal Princess’s Theatre

Performance: Antony & Cleopatra

Main Actors: C Coghlan, F Kemble Cooper, K Black, Miss Frances Ivor, Mrs Lillie Langtry

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1892 LYCEUM Henry the Eighth 31281890 (1)
1892 – Lyceum Theatre – King Henry the Eighth

Date: 1892

Theatre: Lyceum Theatre

Performance: King Henry the Eighth

Main Actors: Henry Irving, William Terriss, Ellen Terry, Violet Vanbrugh

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1892 KING LEAR Lyceum Theatre
1892 – Lyceum Theatre – King Lear

Date: 1892

Theatre: Lyceum Theatre

Performance: King Lear

Main Actors: Henry Irving, William Terriss, Ellen Terry

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1894 Twelfth Night Daly's Theatre
1894 – Daly’s Theatre – Twelfth Night

Date: 1894

Theatre: Daly’s Theatre, Leicester Square

Performance: Twelfth Night

Main Actors: John Craig, Sidney Herbert, Miss Violet Vanbrugh, Miss Ada Rehan

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1898 – Her Majesty’s Theatre – Julius Caesar

Date: 1898

Theatre: Her Majesty’s Theatre

Performance: Julius Caesar

Main Actors: Charles Fulton, Herbert Beerbohm Tree, Alexander Calvert, Lewis Waller, Mrs Maud Tree

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1901 – Postcard – Ellaline Terriss

Date: 1901

Performer: Ellaline Terriss

Performance: Bluebell in Fairyland

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1903 His Majesty's Theatre, King Richard II, Shakespeare
1903 – His Majesty’s Theatre – King Richard II

Date: 1903

Theatre: His Majesty’s Theatre

Performance: King Richard II

Main Actors: Herbert Beerbohm Tree, Oscar Asche, Lily Brayton

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1903 – King’s Theatre – Macbeth

Date: 1903

Theatre: The King’s Theatre, London

Performance: Macbeth

Main Actors: Mr Benson, Mrs Benson.

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1904 THE TEMPEST His Majesty's Theatre
1904 – His Majesty’s Theatre – The Tempest

Date: 1904

Theatre: His Majesty’s Theatre

Performance: The Tempest

Main Actors: Mr. Herbert Beerbohm-Tree, Mr. Lyn Harding, Mr. Basil Gill, Mr S.A. Cookson, Mr. Julian L’Estrange, Miss Nora Kerin.

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Merchant of Venice
1905 – Garrick Theatre – Merchant of Venice

Date: 1905

Theatre: Garrick Theatre

Performance: The Merchant of Venice

Main Actors: Mr Bourchier, Miss Violet Vanbrugh

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