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1960 THE LAST JOKE Royal Court Liverpool
1960 – Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool – The Last Joke

Date: 1960

Theatre: Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

Performance: The Last Joke

Main Actors: John Gielgud, Ralph Richardson, Anna Massey, Ernest Thesiger, Robert Flemyng


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1960 – The Press Club – The Crazy Gang

Date: 1960

Theatre: The Press Club

Performance: Variety

Main Actors: Bud Flanagan and The Crazy Gang


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1960 THE FOL-DE-ROLS Theatre Royal Brighton
1960 – Theatre Royal Brighton – The Fols-de-Rols

Date: 1960

Theatre: Theatre Royal, Brighton

Performance: Fol-De-Rols

Main Actors: Fol-De-Rols, Variety

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1960 A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS Theatre Royal, Brighton
1960 – Theatre Royal, Brighton – A Man for All Seasons

Date: 1960

Theatre: Theatre Royal, Brighton

Performance: A Man For All Seasons

Main Actors: Paul Scofield, Richard Leech, Leo McKern

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1960 – Victoria Palace – Young in Heart

Date: 1960

Theatre: Victoria Palace

Performance: Young in Heart

Main Performers: The Crazy Gang, ( Bud Flanagan, Jimy Nervo, Teddy Knox, Jimmy Gold, Charlie Naughton, Eddie Gray) plus The Tiller Girls

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1960 Crazy gang Young In Heart Victoria Palace
1960 – Victoria Palace – Young in Heart – Souvenir

Date: 1960-1962

Theatre: Victoria Palace

Performance: Young in Heart Farewell Show

Main Actors: Jimmy Nervo & Teddy Knox, Bud Flanagan, Charlie Naughton & Jimmy Gold, Eddie Gray

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1960 – Windmill Theatre – Revudeville 29th Year, 317th Edition

Date: 1960

Theatre: The Windmill Theatre, London

Performance: Revudeville 29th Year

Main Actors: Iris White, Windmill Girls

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1961- Saville Theatre – Marcel Marceau

Date: 1961

Theatre: The Saville Theatre

Performance: D’exercices de style & Pantomime de Bip.

Main Actors: Marcel Marceau

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1962 HMS PINAFORE Her Majesty's Theatre
1962 – Her Majesty’s Theatre – H.M.S. Pinafore

Date: 1962

Theatre: Her Majesty’s Theatre

Performance: H.M.S Pinafore

Main Actors: Eric House, Andrew Downie, Harry Mossfield, Howell Glynne, Marion Studholme, Irene Byatt.

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1963 , Bertram Mills, Circus
1963 – Bertram Mills Circus

Date: 18th December 1963

Venue: Addison Restaurant

Event: Official Luncheon

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1963 – National Theatre – Hamlet – Peter O’Toole -SIGNED

Date: 1963

Theatre: National Theatre (N.T)

Performance: Hamlet

Main Actors: Peter O’Toole, Derek Jacobi, Michael Redgrave, (Laurence Olivier: Director)

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1963 – Royal Festival Hall – Maria Callas

Date: Friday May 31st, 1963

Theatre: Royal Festival Hall

Performer: Maria Callas

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