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1884 – Royal Globe Theatre – Dick

Date: 1884

Theatre: Royal Globe Theatre

Performance: Dick

Main Actors: J.L. Shine, F.H. Laye, C. Cartwright, Miss Camille Dubois, Miss Alice Holt

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1885 – Theatre Royal Haymarket – Masks and Faces

Date: 1885

Theatre: Theatre Royal, Haymarket

Performance: Masks and Faces

Main Actors: Mr Forbes Robertson, Mr Barrymore, Mr Bancroft, Miss Kate Gratton, Mrs Bancroft

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1889 PAUL JONES Prince of Wales'
1889 – Prince of Wales’ Theatre – Paul Jones
Date: 1889
Theatre: Prince of Wales’ Theatre
Performance: Paul Jones
Main Actors: Miss Agnes Huntingdon
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1894 CLAUDE DU-VAL Prince of Wales
1894 – Prince of Wales Theatre – Claude Du-Val
Date: 1894
Theatre: Prince of Wales Theatre, London
Performance: Claude Du-Val
Principal Actors: Mr. Arthur Roberts and Miss Marie Halton with the eminent cast.



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1896 THE PRISONER OF ZENDA St James's Theatre
1896 – St James’s Theatre – The Prisoner of Zenda
Date: 1896
Theatre: St James’s Theatre
Performance: The Prisoner of Zenda
Actor/s: Mr George Alexander, Mr Herbert Waring, Miss Mable Hackney
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Theatre Programmes, Love Theatre Programmes, 1898, Variety, Empire Theatre
1898 – Empire Theatre – Variety
Date: 1898
Theatre: Empire Theatre
Performance: Variety
Main Actors: Alfred De Bessell, Mr A Clifton Alderson, Mr Ernest Bertram, Ada Homer.
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1904 - Borough Theatre Opera House - Duchess of Dantzic
1904 – Borough Theatre Opera House – Duchess of Dantzic

Date: 1904

Theatre: Borough Theatre and Opera House, Stratford

Performance: The Duchess of Dantzic

Main Actors: Mr Holbrook Blinn, Miss Evie Greene

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1904 - New Theatre, Cambridge - Belle of New York
1904 – New Theatre, Cambridge – Belle of New York

Date: 1904

Theatre: New Theatre, Cambridge

Performance: Belle of New York

Main Actors: Mr. Harold Wardroper, Miss Ida Grandison, Miss Mora Hersee, Miss Helen Rose

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1906 HIS HOUSE IN ORDER St James's Theatre
1906 – St. James’s Theatre – His House in Order

Date: 1906

Theatre: St. James’s Theatre

Performance: His House in Order.

Main Actors: Mr George Alexander, Mr Herbert Waring, Miss Iris Hawkins, Miss Irene Vanbrugh.

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1906 Cinderella KINGS THEATRE
1906 – The King’s Theatre – Cinderella
Date: 1906
Theatre: The King’s Theatre, London
Performance: Cinderella
Main Actors : Miss Ethel Ward, Miss Hilda Guiver
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