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1921 LA TOSCA Theatre National de L'Opera-Comique
1921 – Theatre National de l’Opera-Comique – Tosca
Date: 1921
Theatre: L’Opera Comique
Performance: La Tosca
Main Performers: Mme. Madelaine Mathieu, M. Charles Friant
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1929 TWO MOLIERE PLAYS Comedie-Francaise
1929 – Théâtre Comedie-Francaise – Two Molière Plays

Date: 1929

Theatre: Théâtre Comedie-Francaise

Performance: Le Misanthrope and Le Médicin Malgré Lui.

Main Actors : M. Georges Le Roy, Mlle Irène Brillant

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1937 LE SIMOUN Comedie Francaise
1937 – Théâtre Comedie-Française – Le Simoun
Date: 1937
Theatre: Théâtre Comedie-Française
Performance: Le Simoun
Main Actors : M. Dessonnes, André Brunot, Marie Ventura
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