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1874 Gaiety Theatre Island of Bachelors
1874 – The Gaiety Theatre – Island of Bachelors
Date: 1874
Theatre: The Gaiety Theatre
Performance: A Happy Family/Love Apple/The Island of Bachelors
Main Actors: Mr Arthur Cecil, Mr Charles Lyall, Mr J. G. Taylor plus large cast.


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1875 GAIETY THEATRE La Dame Blanche
1875 – Gaiety Theatre- La Dame Blanche
Date: 1875
Theatre: Gaiety Theatre
Performance: La Dame Blanche
Principal Actors: M. Laurent, Mlle. Arnaud Roques
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1875 MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR Gaiety Theatre
1875 – The Merry Wives of Windsor – The Gaiety Theatre
Date: 1875
Theatre: The Gaiety Theatre
Performance: The Merry Wives of Windsor
Principal Actors: Mr. Phelps, Mr. Hermann Vezin, Mr. W. Belford, Mr. Forbes-Robertson, Mr Arthur Cecil, Mrs John Wood, Miss Rose LeClerq.
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1894 – Gaiety Theatre – The Shop Girl

Date: 1894

Theatre: Gaiety

Performance: The Shop-Girl

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1907 Gaiety Theatre, Girls of Gottenburg
1907 – Gaiety Theatre – The Girls of Gottenburg

Date: 1907

Theatre: Gaiety theatre

Performance: The Girls of Gottenburg

Main Actors: Mr Lionel Mackinder, Mr J. Robert Hale, Miss Gladys Cooper

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1928 VAGABOND KING Gaiety Theatre
1928 – Gaiety Theatre – The Vagabond King

Date: 1928

Theatre: Gaiety Theatre, Strand

Performance: The Vagabond King

Main Actors: Mr Derek Oldham, Miss Winnie Melville

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1937 UDAY SHAN-KAR Gaiety Theatre
1937 – Gaiety Theatre – Uday Shan-kar

Date: 1937

Theatre: Gaiety Theatre

Performance: Uday Shan-Kar and his Hindu ballet

Main Performers: Uday Shan-kar

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