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1895 – Comedy Theatre – The Benefit of the Doubt

Date: 1895

Theatre: Comedy Theatre

Performance: The Benefit of the Doubt

Main Actors: Cyril Maude, Winifred Emery, Henrietta Lindley, Aubrey Fitzgerald, Rose LeClercq

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Love Theatre Programmes, Theatre programmes, 1897, A Marriage of convenience
1897 – Theatre Royal, Haymarket – A Marriage of Convenience

Date: 1897

Theatre: Theatre Royal, Haymarket.

Performance: A Marriage of convenience

Main Actors: Mr Frederick Harrison, Mr Cyril Maude, Mr Sydney Valentine, Miss Winifred Emery.

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1901 – Theatre Metropole – La Cigale

Date: 1901

Theatre: Theatre Metropole, Camberwell, London

Performance: La Cigale

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1901- Comedy Theatre – When We Were Twenty-One

Date: 1901

Theatre: The Comedy Theatre, Haymarket.

Performance: When We Were Twenty-One.

Main Actors: Mr N. C. Goodwin, Miss Maxine Elliot, Miss Constance Collier.

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1902 MICE and MEN Lyric Theatre
1902 – Lyric Theatre – Mice and Men (plus original postcard)

Date: 1902

Theatre: Lyric

Performance: Mice and Men

Main Actors: Mr. Forbes Robertson, Mr. Luigi Lablache, Mr. Leon Quartermaine, Miss Alice De Winton, Miss Mary Rorke, Miss Gertrude Elliott.

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1903 – Theatre Royal, Haymarket – The Clandestine Marriage

Date: 1903

Theatre: Theatre Royal, Haymarket

Performance: The Clandestine Marriage

Main Actors: Cyril Maud, Jessie Bateman, Beatrice Ferrar

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Theatre Memorabilia
1905 – Postcard – Lily Elsie



Miss Lily Elsie

Coloured postcard, franked and posted.

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1907 – Daly’s Theatre – The Merry Widow

Date: 1907

Theatre: Daly’s Theatre

Performance: The Merry Widow

Main Actors: Mr. Talleur Andrews, Mr. Lennox Pawle, Miss Lily Elsie

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1907 – The Playhouse – Toddles

Date: 1907

Theatre: The Playhouse

Performance: Toddles

Main Actors: Cyril Maude, Miss Winifred Emery

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1910 – Daly’s Theatre – The Dollar Princess

Date: 1910

Theatre: Daly’s Theatre

Performance: The Dollar Princess

Main Actors: Miss Lily Elsie, Miss Gabrielle Ray

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1929 Gracie Fields and Archie Pitt
1929 – Winter Garden Theatre, Drury Lane WC2 – The Show’s the Thing

Date: 1929

Theatre: Winter Garden Theatre, Drury Lane

Performance: The Show’s the Thing

Actors: Gracie Fields, Archie Pitt, Carleton Hobbs, Tommy Fields, Harry Milton, Monti Ryan

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1935 – Lyceum – The Forty Thieves

Date: 1935

Theatre: Lyceum

Performance: The Forty Thieves

Main Actors: Charlie Naughton & Jimmy Gold, Florrie Forde

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