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1877 DIE FLEDERMAUS Royal Alhambra
1877 – Die Fledermaus – Royal Alhambra Theatre
Date: 1877
Theatre: Royal Alhambra Theatre
Performance: Die Fledermaus
Principal Performers: Mlle. A. Burville, Miss E. Chambers, Mr G. Loredan.
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1878 – The Royal Strand – Our Club and Nemesis

Date: 1878

Theatre: The Royal Strand

Performance: Our Club and Nemesis

Actors: Mr W. H. Vernon, Mons. Loredan, Miss Violet Cameron

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1884 – Royal Globe Theatre – Dick

Date: 1884

Theatre: Royal Globe Theatre

Performance: Dick

Main Actors: J.L. Shine, F.H. Laye, C. Cartwright, Miss Camille Dubois, Miss Alice Holt

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1889 – Royal Court – A Royal Family

Date: 1889

Theatre: Royal Court Theatre

Performance: A Royal Family

Main Actors: Eric Lewis, James Erskine, George Bellamy, Mrs Charles Calvert, Ada Branson, Gertrude Elliot

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1893 The Second Mrs Tanqueray St James's Theatre
1893 – St James’s Theatre – The Second Mrs Tanqueray

Date: 1893
Theatre: St James’s Theatre
Performance: The Second Mrs Tanqueray
Main Actors: Mr George Alexander, Mr A Vane-Tempest, Miss Edith Chester, Mrs Patrick Campbell

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1899 - Royal Strand - The Wrong Mr. Wright
1899 – Royal Strand Theatre – The Wrong Mr. Wright

Date: 1899

Theatre: Royal Strand Theatre

Performance: The Wrong Mr. Wright

Main Actors: Farren Soutar, Constance Collier

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1899 Avenue Theatre The Cuckoo
1899 – The Cuckoo – Avenue Theatre

Date: 1899

Theatre: Avenue Theatre, London

Performance: The Cuckoo

Main Actors: Mr. Charles Hawtrey, Constance Collier, Fannie Ward

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1900 SAN TOY Daly's Theatre
1900 – Daly’s Theatre – San Toy
Date: 1900
Theatre: Daly’s Theatre
Performance: San Toy
Principal Actors: Mr Hayden Coffin and Miss Florence Collingbourn leading the original London Cast.
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1901 – Theatre Metropole – La Cigale

Date: 1901

Theatre: Theatre Metropole, Camberwell, London

Performance: La Cigale

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1901- Comedy Theatre – When We Were Twenty-One

Date: 1901

Theatre: The Comedy Theatre, Haymarket.

Performance: When We Were Twenty-One.

Main Actors: Mr N. C. Goodwin, Miss Maxine Elliot, Miss Constance Collier.

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