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1936 Folies Bergère La Folie d'Amour
1936 – Folies Bergère – Folies D’Amour

Date: 1936

Theatre: Folies Bergère

Performance: La Folie D’Amour

Main Performers: Mlle. Jelly Staffel, Miss Flora Le Breton, Les Bluebell Girls, Les Red Stars.

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1938, Folies Bergere, theatre programmes, theatre
1938 – Folies Bergère – Folie en Fleurs

Date: 1938

Theatre: Folies Bergère, Paris

Performance: Folies en Fleurs

Performers: Les Danseuses nue des Folies Bergère with the Bluebell Girls.

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1953 UNE VRAI FOLIE Folies Bergere
1953 – Folies Bergerès – Une Vrai Folie
Date: 1953
Theatre: Folies Bergeres, Paris
Performance: Une Vraie Folie
Main Actors: Yvonne Menard, Eileen O’Dare, Verica Bell, Frederic Rey.
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1974 FOLIE JE T'ADORE Folies Bergère
1974 – Folies Bergère – Folie Je t’adore
Date: 1974
Theatre: Folies Bergère
Performance: Folie Je T’adore
Principal Actors: Laurence Darpy and Les Danceurs
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