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1875 - Mirror Theatre Royal - The Half Crown Diamonds
1875 – Mirror Theatre Royal – Half Crown Diamonds

Date: 1875

Theatre: Mirror Theatre Royal, Holborn

Performance: The Half Crown Diamonds

Main Actors: George Vincent, Mr Crauford, J.H. Standing, Miss Spiller, Miss C. Brabant

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1893 The Second Mrs Tanqueray St James's Theatre
1893 – St James’s Theatre – The Second Mrs Tanqueray

Date: 1893
Theatre: St James’s Theatre
Performance: The Second Mrs Tanqueray
Main Actors: Mr George Alexander, Mr A Vane-Tempest, Miss Edith Chester, Mrs Patrick Campbell

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1894 - St James's - The Masqueraders
1894 – St James’s Theatre – The Masqueraders

Date: 1894

Theatre:  St. James’s Theatre, Kings Street, London

Performance: The Masqueraders

Main Actors: Mr. George Alexander, Mr Herbert Waring, Mr H. V. Esmond, Mr A. Vane-Tempest, Miss Irene Vanbrugh

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1896 The Prisoner of Zenda St James's Theatre
1897 – St James’s Theatre -The Princess and the Butterfly

Date: 1897

Theatre: St James’s Theatre

Performance: The Princess and the Butterfly

Main Actors: Mr George Alexander, Mr H. B. Irving, Mr A. Vane-Tempest, Miss Julia Neilson

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Love Theatre Programmes, Theatre programmes, 1897, A Marriage of convenience
1897 – Theatre Royal, Haymarket – A Marriage of Convenience
Date: 1897
Theatre: Theatre Royal, Haymarket.
Performance: A Marriage of convenience
Main Actors: Mr Frederick Harrison, Mr Cyril Maude, Mr Sydney Valentine, Miss Winifred Emery.
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1902 THE HEEL OF ACHILLES Globe Theatre
1902 – Globe Theatre – The Heel of Achilles
Date: 1902
Theatre: Globe Theatre
Performance: The Heel of Achilles
Main Actors: Fred Terry, Miss Julia Neilson, Sydney Valentine.
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1902 QUALITY STREET Vaudeville Theatre
1902 – Vaudeville Theatre – Quality Street

Date: 1902

Theatre: Vaudeville Theatre

Performance: Quality Street

Main Actors: Mr Seymour Hicks, Mr A. Vane, Marion Terry, Ellaline Terriss

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1906 Wyndham's Theatre 100th performance
1906 – Wyndham’s Theatre – Captain Drew on Leave – 100th performance

Date: Monday, January 29th, 1906

Theatre: Wyndham’s Theatre

Performance: Captain Drew on Leave – 100th Performance

Main Actors: Charles Wyndham, Mr. A. Vane-Tempest, Mr. Yorke Stephens, Mr. Edmund Maurice,   Miss Marion Terry, Miss Mary Moore.

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Royal Command Performance
1911 – Theatre Royal Drury Lane – Money

Date: 1911

Theatre: Theatre Royal Drury Lane

Performance: Money

Main Actors: Mr Fred Terry, Sir John Hare, Cyril Maude, Sir Charles Wyndham, Sir Herbert Tree, Mr Arthur Bouchier, Mr George Alexander, Mr Laurence Irving, Mr Lewis Waller, Mr Charles Hawtrey, Mr Sydney Valentine, Mr Weedon Grossmith, Miss Winifred Emery, Miss Irene Vanbrugh.

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1924 Rudolf Valentino
1924 – Rudolf Valentino – Monsieur Beaucaire

Date: Film released1924

Theatre: General Release at cinemas nationwide. Specifically Sandringham…see notes below

Performance: Monsieur Beaucaire

Main Actor: Rudolf Valentino

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1932 – Theatre de Paris – Une Femme Ravie

Date: 1932

Theatre: Theatre De Paris

Performance: Une Femme Ravie: Piece en 4 Actes

Main Actors: Louis Verneuil, Elvire Popesco, Jean Perier, Gustave Gallet, Marcel Carpentier, Lucien Brule, Marguerite Ducouret

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1964 – London Palladium – Startime
Date: 1964
Theatre: The London Palladium
Performance: Startime, Variety
Main Performers: Frankie Vaughan, Cilla Black, Tommy Cooper
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