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1892 Palace of Varieties
1892 -1893 – The Palace Theatre of Varieties – Variety

Date: 1892 – 1893

Theatre: The Palace Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, London

Performance: Palace Theatre of Varieties

Main Actors: Francois De Blanche, Don Juan Caicero, Miss Ada Lincoln, Miss Ada Blanche, Miss Nellie Warrener

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1895 – Palace Theatre of Varieties
Date: 1895
Theatre: The Palace Theatre of Varieties, Shaftesbury Avenue, London
Performance:  Varieties
Principal Performers: Edith Yorke, Bernard Armstrong, et al.
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1928, SCARLET PIMPERNEL, Palace Theatre, 521920 (2)
1928 – Palace Theatre – The Scarlet Pimpernel

Date: 1928

Theatre: The Palace Theatre

Performance: The Scarlet Pimpernel

Main Actors: Fred Terry, Dennis Neilson-Terry, Gerald du Maurier, Julia Neilson, Lady Tree

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1941 – Victoria Palace – Black Vanities

Date: 1941

Theatre: Victoria Palace

Performance: Black Vanities

Main Actors: Bud Flanagan and Chesney Allen

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1942 Full Swing - Palace Theatre
1942 – Palace Theatre – Full Swing

Date:  1942

Theatre:  Palace Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue

Performance: Full Swing

Main Actors: Jack Hulbert, Cicely Courtneidg

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1943 – Palace Theatre – Hi-Di-Hi

Date: 1943

Theatre: Palace Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue

Performance: Hi-Di-Hi

Main Actors: Bud Flanagan & Chesney Allen, Eddie Grey, Gwen Cateley

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Theatre Programmes, Love theatre programmes, Gay Rosalinda
1945 – Palace Theatre – Gay Rosalinda

Date: 1945

Theatre: Palace Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue

Performance: Gay Rosalinda

Main Actors: James Etherington

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1946 – Palace Theatre – King’s Rhapsody

Date: 1946

Theatre: Palace Theatre

Performance: The King’s Rhapsody

Main Actors: Jack Buchanan, Zena Dare, Phyllis Dare

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1952 – Palace Theatre – Zip Goes A Million

Date: 1952

Theatre: Palace Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue

Performance: Zip Goes A Million – A Musical Extravaganza

Main Performers: Reg Dixon, Barbara Perry, James Browne, Wallas Eaton, Sara Gregory.

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1955 MAURICE CHEVALIER Palace Theatre
1955 – Palace Theatre – Maurice Chevalier

Date: 1955

Theatre: Palace Theatre

Performance: Maurice Chevalier

Main Performer: Maurice Chevalier

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1956 – Palace Theatre – Ballets De Paris

Date: 1956 Theatre: Palace Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue Performance: Les Ballets de Paris de Roland Petit Main Performers: Renee Jeanmarie, Roland Petit A 12 page (including cover) programme for three ballet pieces: Le Loup, La Chambre, Carmen. Includes details of performances, … Read More

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1956 ANTONIO Palace Theatre
1956 – Palace Theatre, London – Antonio and his Spanish Ballet

Date: 1956

Theatre: Palace Theatre, London

Performance: Antonio and his Spanish Ballet Company

Main performers: Antonio Ruiz Soler, Rosita Segovia, Carmen Rojas

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