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1877 Royal Strand Theatre - Family Ties
1877 – Royal Strand Theatre – Family Ties

Date: 1877

Theatre: Royal Strand Theatre

Performance: Timothy to the Rescue, Family Ties & Champagne

Main Actors: H.J.Turner, Henry Carter, M. Marius, Miss Lotte Venne, Miss Gwynne Williams

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1878 - Royal Alhambra - La Perichole
1878 – Royal Alhambra – La Perichole

Date: 1878

Theatre: Royal Alhambra

Performance: La Perichole

Main Actors: Miss. Emily Soldene, Mr Knight Aston, M. Aynsley Cook

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1888- Londesborough Theatre, Scarborough – Miss Esmeralda

Date: 1888

Theatre: Londesborough, Scarborough

Performance: Miss Esmeralda

Main Actors: E.J. Lonnen, George Stone, Charles Ross, Miss Florence Dysart, Miss Ada Blanche

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1889 – Theatre Royal Haymarket – Merry Wives of Windsor

Date: 1889

Theatre: Theatre Royal Haymarket

Performance: Merry Wives of Windsor

Main Actors: Mr Tree, Mr Fuller Mellish, Mr Charles Dodsworth, Miss Alice Lingard, Mrs Tree.

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1893 The Second Mrs Tanqueray St James's Theatre
1893 – St James’s Theatre – The Second Mrs Tanqueray

Date: 1893
Theatre: St James’s Theatre
Performance: The Second Mrs Tanqueray
Main Actors: Mr George Alexander, Mr A Vane-Tempest, Miss Edith Chester, Mrs Patrick Campbell

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1893 - Terry's Theatre - Gudgeons
1893 – Terry’s Theatre – Gudgeons

Date: 1893

Theatre: Terry’s Theatre

Performance: Gudgeons

Main Actors: Herbert Waring, W. T. Lovell, Charles Fulton, Murray Carson, Janette Steer, Sybil Carlisle

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1894 Twelfth Night Daly's Theatre
1894 – Daly’s Theatre – Twelfth Night

Date: 1894

Theatre: Daly’s Theatre, Leicester Square

Performance: Twelfth Night

Main Actors: John Craig, Sidney Herbert, Miss Violet Vanbrugh, Miss Ada Rehan

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1898 – Her Majesty’s Theatre – Julius Caesar

Date: 1898

Theatre: Her Majesty’s Theatre

Performance: Julius Caesar

Main Actors: Charles Fulton, Herbert Beerbohm Tree, Alexander Calvert, Lewis Waller, Mrs Maud Tree

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1901 – Theatre Metropole – La Cigale

Date: 1901

Theatre: Theatre Metropole, Camberwell, London

Performance: La Cigale

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1905 – The Imperial Theatre – King Henry V

Date: 1905

Theatre: The Imperial Theatre

Performance: King Henry V.

Main Actors: Lewis Waller, Patrick Digan, Roy Cushing, Miss Mary Lewis, Miss Sarah Brooke, Miss Mary Rorke

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1909 – His Majesty’s Theatre – False Gods

Date: 1909

Theatre: His Majesty’s Theatre

Performance: False Gods

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1910 – The Playhouse – Tantalising Tommy

Date: 1910

Theatre: The Playhouse

Performance: Tantalizing Tommy

Main Actors: Mr Cyril Maud, Kenneth Douglas

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