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1877 DIE FLEDEMAUS Royal Alhambra Theatre, Leicester Square
1877 – Royal Alhambra Theatre, London – Die Fledermaus
Date: 1877
Theatre: Royal Alhambra Theatre, London
Performance: Die Fledermaus
Main Actors: Mr. G. Loredan, Mr. E. Rosenthal, Mlle. C. Cabella, Miss. E. Chambers
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1878 - Royal Alhambra - La Perichole
1878 – Royal Alhambra – La Perichole

Date: 1878

Theatre: Royal Alhambra

Performance: La Perichole

Main Actors: Miss. Emily Soldene, Mr Knight Aston, M. Aynsley Cook

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1882 THE MERRY WAR Alhambra Theatre London
1882 – Alhambra Theatre – The Merry War
Date: 1882
Theatre: Alhambra Theatre, Leicester Square, London
Performance: The Merry War
Principal Actors: Mons. Albert Lefevre, Mr. Henry Walsham, Mr. Allen Thomas, Mdlle. Lory Stubel
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1897 – Alhambra, London – Variety
Date: 1897
Theatre: Alhambra Theatre of Varieties, London
Performance: Variety
Main Actors: Variety with Arthur Sullivan
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