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1885 THE MIKADO Savoy Theatre D'Oyly Carte
1885 – Savoy Theatre – The Mikado – D’Oyly Carte
Date: 1885
Theatre: Savoy Theatre, London
Performance: Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘The Mikado’
Main Actors: Mr. R Temple, Mr Durward Lely, Mr. George Grossmith, Mr. Rutland Barrington, Mr. Frederick Bovill, Mr. Rudolph Lewis, Miss Leonora Braham, Miss Jessie Bond, Miss Sybil Grey, Miss Rosina Bandram.
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1915 – Savoy Theatre – The Angel in the House

Date: 1915

Theatre: Savoy Theatre

Performance: Angel in the House

Main Actors: Mr H. B. Irving, Mr E. Holman Clark, Lady Tree (also known as Mrs Beerbohm Tree)

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Phyllis Dare
1922 – Savoy Theatre – Ambrose Applejohn’s Adventure

Date: 1922

Theatre: The Savoy Theatre, Strand

Performance: Ambrose Applejohn’s Adventure

Main Actors: Arthur Fayne, Charles Hawtrey, Marion Lorne, Mona Harrison, Hilda Moore

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1932 PATIENCE Savoy Theatre
1932 – Savoy Theatre – Patience – D’Oyly Carte

Date: 1932

Theatre: Savoy Theatre, London

Performance: Patience, D’Oyly Carte Season of Gilbert & Sullivan Operas

Main Performers: Sir Henry Lytton with D’Oyly Carte Company

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1945 THE FIRST GENTLEMAN Savoy Theatre
1945 – Savoy Theatre – The First Gentleman – SIGNED

Date: 1945

Theatre: Savoy Theatre

Performance: The First Gentleman

Main Actors: Robert Morley, Wendy Hiller, Ian Sadler

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1947 LIFE WITH FATHER Savoy Theatre
1947 – Savoy Theatre – Life with Father

Date: 1947

Theatre: Savoy Theatre

Performance: Life with Father

Main Actors: Roland Bartrop, Sophie Stewart, Dorothy Gordon

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1948 A LA CARTE Savoy Theatre
1948 – Savoy Theatre – À La Carte
Date: 1948
Theatre: Savoy Theatre
Performance: À La Carte…A New Revue
Main Performers: Hermione Baddeley and Henry Kendall lead a multi-talented cast.
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1949 Savoy Theatre Young Wives Tale
1949 – Savoy Theatre – Young Wives Tale

Date: 1949

Theatre: Savoy Theatre, Strand

Performance: Young Wives Tale

Main Actors: Naunton Wayne, Joan Greenwood

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1954 PRINCESS IDA Savoy D'OYLY CARTE Gilbert and Sullivan
1954 – Savoy Theatre – Princess Ida – D’Oyly Carte
Date: 1954
Theatre: Savoy Theatre
Performance: Princess Ida by Gilbert and Sullivan
Principal Actors: D’Oyly Carte Company of 1954
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1985 Mikado Collection Savoy TheatreD'Oyly Carte
1985 – Savoy Theatre – The Mikado – D’Oyly Carte
Date: 1985
Theatre: Savoy Theatre
Performance: The Mikado (Centenary Celebration)
Main Actors: Patrick Wilkes, Thomas Round, James Conroy Ward, Bruce Graham, Alan Rice, Valerie Masterson, Jane Metcalfe, Caroline Tatlow, Jill Pert.
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2000 Savoy Theatre, Mikado, D'Oyly Carte
2000- Savoy Theatre – Mikado – D’Oyly Carte

Date: 2000

Theatre: The Savoy Theatre

Performance: The Mikado

Main Actors: The D’Oyly Carte Opera Company

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